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Global Ocean Decade Programme for Blue Carbon



By providing services such as flood and erosion protection,  food provision and sociocultural services, blue carbon ecosystems benefit the environment, society and the economy. 


Blue carbon ecosystems are an important store of carbon and their protection is essential in helping to mitigate climate change. 


To successfully drive change in blue carbon ecosystems, collaboration between governments, international organisations, scientific institutions, private sector actors, and local communities is vital.

Blue Carbon Ecosystems

The need to protect blue carbon ecosystems is becoming ever more important. Not only do these coastal ecosystems mitigate against climate change but they also provide essential ecosystem services to animals and humans. Due to increasing anthropogenic activity worldwide, approximately 25-50% of coastal ecosystems have disappeared. In light of the current climate crisis, continued combined effort from scientists and policy makers is essential to help protect these vital ecosystems.


Get Involved!




To learn more about what GO-BC is doing in the Blue Carbon community, and how GO-BC aims to bring change, click the link below!



If you would like to explore the GO-BC community, follow the links below to see who is part of the GO-BC Executive Committee and Science Technical Working groups!



If you have a few minutes spare, feel free to browse the latest news GO-BC has to offer, and keep up-to-date with upcoming Blue Carbon events. Be sure to follow GO-BC on our social media channels too!

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Latest Announcement

GO-BC partner with WWF 

A new partnership between GO-BC and WWF was announced at the UN Ocean Decade conference in Barcelona this April, aimed at expanding expertise and capacity in Blue Carbon science

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